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    Jilin Wondhope Medical Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    About us

    Jilin Wondhope Medical Device Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in January 2013 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million and an actual investment of RMB 200 million. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a "specialized and innovative" enterprise of Changchun City and Jilin Province. Wondhope is a technology-based enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales, and technical services of polymer materials, non-invasive ventilator, sanitary materials and other products. 

    Adhering to the development principles of "sincerity, good faith, and shared success", the company has always been pursuing the core values of innovative technologies and continuous improvements. Despite the fierce competition in the medical market, the company's perseverance and striving for self-enhancement in the past decade has led to a unique development pattern with distinct characteristics for its medical products, earning it a place in the medical industry. With continuous efforts, the company has been successively awarded the titles of "National High-tech Enterprise", "Specialized and Innovative Enterprise of Jilin Province, and "Specialized and Innovative Enterprise of Changchun City".

    The company is headquartered in Xinxingyu Shangyu, Nanguan District, Changchun City, covering an office area of nearly 600 square meters. Our production site is located in the Kalun Industrial Park of Changchun Jiutai Economic Development Zone. The site covers an area of over 50,000 square meters and is privately owned. The total construction area is approximately 30,000 square meters, with an office area of around 10,000 square meters. The facility includes four 100,000-level purification workshops, totaling approximately 7,000 square meters, along with a warehouse area of about 4,000 square meters.

    Currently, Wondhope has approximately 200 staff members, including nearly 20 senior technicians. With two R&D departments allocated with nine engineers and technicians, we have a strong capability in research and development. Our R&D direction consistently caters to market demands, and we keep enhancing our technological strengths and incorporating new technologies and concepts into products, in a bid to align with domestic leading enterprises.

    After nearly a decade of development, we have obtained ISO13485 certification and CE certification and have successfully developed over 50 high-end medical device products and obtained 33 national patents, including 6 invention patents. We have also obtained a total of 47 medical device registration certificates, including one Class III medical device product. Among them, 24 products such as "high-performance non-invasive ventilator", "endoscopic stone retrieval basket", "temperature-measuring urethral catheter (kit)", "super-smooth urinary catheter kit", "arterial blood sampler", "tissue biopsy needle holder", "flushing and suction catheter", "cervical dilator", "ischemic preconditioning training device" and "portable temperature monitor", "delivery guidewire" have filled the blank of similar medical device products in Jilin Province. We also make efforts to keep up with domestic and international advanced levels with the recognition and support from the Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Jilin Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and Changchun Municipal Science and Technology Bureau. Furthermore, we have always adhered to the path of "combined medical and engineering" in technological innovation. We have collaborated with Changchun University of Science and Technology and Changchun Qianwei Hospital in joint development projects such as "ultra-fine choledochoscopy" and "portable dry eye analyzer", filling the blank of similar products in China. We have also applied for the 2022 Jilin Provincial Science and Technology Development Plan in the field of medicine and health.

    In the past three years, sales work has faced unprecedented challenges due to the impact of the pandemic. In the face of pressure, we proposed the slogan "Do not relax epidemic prevention and control, and do not stop sales business". We have taken multiple measures and timely adjusted our sales strategy. We have established offices in 20 provinces and cities across the country, reducing the sales radius and minimizing personnel movement. As a result, our sales work has achieved stable and orderly progress. In 2022, we achieved sales revenue of RMB 27 million and a profit of RMB 2.1 million. In the midst of a downturn in various industries, our sales work has achieved breakthrough results.

    During the pandemic, we have invested nearly RMB 3 million successively to research, develop, and register medical protective shoe covers, medical protective clothing, and other medical supplies for pandemic prevention and control. We have also updated and added production equipment for surgical masks and N95 respirators. We have expanded the variety of emergency supplies, improved the quality of emergency supplies products, and increased production capacity. After the technological upgrade, we now have two production lines for surgical masks, with a daily capacity of 200,000 masks. We also have two production lines for earloop N95 masks, with a daily capacity of 300,000 masks, and two production lines for head-mounted N95 masks, with a daily capacity of 300,000 masks. Additionally, we have one automatic packaging line for masks, which can reduce labor costs by more than 60% after being put into operation. Through these technological upgrades, the quality of our emergency supplies has been more reliable. In the past three years, our surgical masks and N95 respirators have achieved a 100% pass rate in national and Jilin Province inspections. They have become trusted products for both the public and the government, contributing to the reputation of the Wondhope Medical brand.

    Through years of experience accumulation, we have established and improved management systems and work procedures related to emergency supplies procurement, production reserves, and supply. Currently, in addition to the RMB 2.4 million emergency supplies reserves required by the Changchun Development and Reform Commission, we have reserved over 3 million surgical masks and N95 respirators, as well as raw materials to produce over 2 million surgical masks and over 5 million N95 respirators. With these measures in place, we ensure that we are always prepared for routine prevention and control, can respond quickly in the event of an outbreak, and guarantee supply during the pandemic.

    As a private enterprise, we have always been mindful of the social responsibilities that a private enterprise should shoulder while developing. In the early stages of the 2020 epidemic, we actively responded to the government and civil administration department's call to swiftly transform and develop emergency supplies such as medical masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, isolation gowns, and goggles for epidemic prevention and control. Leaders at all levels of the company personally visited the front line of production, and all employees worked day and night for 100 days. We supplied a total of approximately 12.5 million medical surgical masks, N95 respirators, isolation gowns, and goggles to Changchun City, greatly alleviating the supply pressure of pandemic prevention and control materials. Moreover, during the tense period of epidemic prevention and control, we were not swayed by high profits in the market and firmly obeyed government dispatch. All epidemic prevention and control supplies we produced were uniformly allocated and sold by the Changchun Development and Reform Commission, making contributions to stabilizing the market price of medical masks in Changchun City. In recent years, we have donated 350,000 N95 respirators, 2.2 million medical masks, and some daily necessities to the Changchun Charity Federation, Jilin Red Cross Society, Nanguan District Government, Jiutai District Government, Jiutai Economic Development Zone, educational institutions, and nursing homes. We have demonstrated the spirit of solidarity and mutual assistance through practical actions, embodied the responsibility of private enterprises in the battle against the epidemic in Changchun, showcased the spirit of private enterprises sharing the same boat and sharing hardships, and contributed the strength of private enterprises.

    In order to meet the strategic needs of the company's sustained development and to better adapt to market changes, in 2020, we acquired the right to use 33,018 square meters of land in Changchun Zhonggu International Pharmaceutical Industrial Park for the expansion of production capacity for our 54 medical device products, with the human arterial blood sampler as the leading product. The first phase of the project covers a total area of 23,489.85 square meters, including one office building with an area of ??8,852.25 square meters, two clean production workshops with a total area of ??5,000 square meters, one electronic product production workshop with an area of ??1,100 square meters, and one three-dimensional warehouse with an effective storage area of ??5,950 square meters. The total investment in this project is RMB 200 million, including over RMB 70 million for the first phase construction. After reaching full production, it is expected to generate an output value of RMB 500 million. The project started construction in July 2022, and the main structure of the production workshop and warehouse has been completed. It is planned to officially put the production workshop and warehouse into operation in October 2023.

    The coming years should be a golden period of development for the medical industry. Looking back, we have overcome numerous obstacles in the fierce market competitions and feel proud of our achievements. Looking ahead, we are also full of confidence. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of all employees and the support and assistance from all sectors of society, we will seize opportunities and bravely embrace challenges. We will continue to contribute to the "epidemic prevention and control" of Changchun and make major breakthroughs to bolster high-quality development of Changchun's medical industry.


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